Blogmas 2018

Is this even a thing?

I know Vlogmas is huge on YouTube but I haven’t heard of Blogmas. Being my first active year with blogging this is not surprising so if it is a thing or not this is how its going to work for me. 

Every day from December 1st to December 25th I will be posting here on That’s 25 posts to end the year! 

Even better, I am going to have a link to each days post below so that if you really want to check out a specific post you can! 

Let’s get blogging! 

Day 1: November Wrap up

Day 2: Building my First Bookmas Tree

Day 3: Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon

Day 4: November Goal Update

Day 5: Unboxing: August Gobstone Alley

Day 6: December TBR

Day 7: The Adventure Book Tag

Day 8: Naughty or Nice Tag

Day 9: Unboxing: September Gobstone Alley

Day 10: Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Day 11: A to Z of TBR: M, N, O and P

Day 12: Review: ‘Confectioner’s Guild’ By Claire Luana 

Day 13: Last Book Haul of 2018

Day 14: Books I wish I’d Gotten to in 2018

Day 15: Top 10 Book Covers of 2018

Day 16: 2019 Reading goals

Day 17: 

Day 18:

Day 19: 

Day 20: 

Day 21: 

Day 22: 

Day 23: 

Day 24: 

Day 25: 

What are your thoughts on Blogmas?

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